Costs and profit declaration in a mining business: The basics that workers and other external stakeholders need to know:

This publication investigated the various types of costs that mining firms include in their profit calculations and aimed at getting insight into the storyline that profits the South African mining sector.

The National Minimum Wage Debate in South Africa: Not a Question of Better Wages at the Expense of More Jobs:

This publication focused on the debate on “the introduction of a National Minimum Wage (NMW) in South Africa” and made the conclusion on NMW can be made effective as part of broader social and economic policies and efficient labour market systems.

What is the likelihood that the Labour Relations Amendment Act (6 of 2014) will increase permanent employment in the construction sector?:

The aim of this publication was to review the likelihood that the Amended Act will increase permanent employment in the construction sector of South Africa.

Working Paper (2016) Union and business efforts to increase productivity in the mining sector: A critical Reflection:

The publication examined the practicality of how mineworkers, organised under a trade union, can participate in employers’ productivity-increasing initiatives in a mutually beneficial way in South Africa.