Research Projects

Given the existing numbers of women employed in these three sectors and the desire to increase women participation, this research is aimed at understanding the specific nature of challenges women face in the three sectors. Most importantly though, is to come up with creative and proactive ways to address the women-specific challenges as part of the national transformation agenda..

The research is aimed at contributing towards the ongoing debates on a national minimum wage using empirical evidence in the context of persistent and sometimes widening income inequality. The research draws from the experience of countries that have had significant reduction in inequality with or without a national minimum wage.

Minimum WageIncome InequalityCompensation

Mining activities are inherently detrimental to the environment. Legislation has been enacted to control environmental pollution in the mining industry. This research project is aimed at contributing towards effective legislation on mining and the environment. The research looks at the various stages of the mining process and their respective impact on the environment. It exams the extent to which the existing legislation is adequate to address the multi-stage mining pollution, before making recommendations.

South Africa's move to a Green Economy
  • Combating Climate Change.
  • Impacts on Production.
  • Impacts on Employment.
  • Impacts on Labour.

This research looks into the labour aspects of South Africa’s migration to the green economy.

The project is aimed at examining the extent to which the objectives of the Mining Charter and the B-BBEE codes have been achieved, and how benefits therefrom are manifested in the mining sector.

The project was motivated, in part, by the contention on data used to adjudicate the extent of Mining Charter compliance and B-BBEE progress that has hitherto been collected exclusively by the mining industry.

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